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Arther Chen Photography

ARTHER CHEN PHOTOGRAPHY 開始於太太的支持鼓勵而成立的獨立影像攝影工作室,熱愛說故事,冒險旅行,藝術底片風格的攝影師。我也是一位父親,擁有一位11歲的小男孩,美麗的太太是一位平面設計師及孩子心中的好媽媽。


I am a storyteller, an adventurous traveller, and a fine art film photographer. I am a father of an 11-year-old boy, and married to a beautiful wife who is a graphic designer and the best mother in my son’s eyes. I am also a humanitarian photographer who wishes to show the world different voices of children in need through my images.

I believe that photography is a powerful tool to tell stories, and I am grateful for the people who trust me with their stories. I am excited to meet you and capture your story, don’t be shy to say hi!

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婚禮 / 婚紗 / 旅行婚紗 /海外婚禮 / 家庭攝影


台灣 / 世界各地 海外婚禮 & 婚紗

Travel Schedule 海外拍攝行程:
2020 June Provence  | 6月南法 普羅旺斯

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